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A Tribute To Halo December 14, 2006

Posted by Josh in Advertisements, Video Games.

Today marks the five year and one month anniversary of Halo’s release. (We’re a little late on the five year anniversary, so this will have to do.) Since its release, the two Halo games (Halo and Halo 2) have sold over 12 million copies world-wide. This post is a tribute to some of the greatest shooter games ever: The Halo Series.

First off is the official E3 trailer for Halo 3, which is set to come out November 2007.

Next, here is the new ad for Halo 3.

This is the trailer for a new Halo game being made, an RTS (real time strategy) called Halo Wars, which takes place before the events of the first Halo game, during the humans’ first encounters with the Covenant. No release date has been anounced.

And finally, here is a funny mod video called Covenant Dance Party.



1. Keith L. Dick - December 15, 2006

Think I just read where the Guy that is responsible for the multiplayer code just left Bungie after 10-years…

2. Josh - December 15, 2006

This is possible, as Bungie was founded in 1991. However, the first Halo game (Halo: Combat Evolved) was released November 14, 2001.

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