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Crazy Parkour January 1, 2007

Posted by Zach in Sports.

Parkour is a fairly popular urban sport in Europe. These are just three amazing videos I have seen.

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1. Chris - January 1, 2007

Great find guys, those vids are pretty rad and amazing how seriously those guys take this activity over there. Great site as well, I’m definately plugging you guys on my personal blog that I started.


2. farfi - January 2, 2007

these are great videos. thanks

3. sungame - January 2, 2007

Nice videos!

Parkour is one of those things I wish I could spend more time practicing. If only the week had one more day….

Check out urbanfreeflow.com for more parkour videos and photos!

4. Narhval - January 2, 2007

A fairly popular urban sport in Europe? Sure, we practice it all the time…

5. anniesf - January 2, 2007

very interesting

6. memorandumb - January 2, 2007

Great videos – I love how they used them in the opening sequences of Casino Royale. When I was a kid if I had a chance to choose between skateboarding, kung-fu, or Parkour I would’ve chosen Parkour for sure.

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